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Server CHANGE!

Sindarela, Jan 5, 13 2:14 PM.
Yes we are leaving Balnazzar!

We thank the server for good times and we are sad to move, but with its current state we dont have any option :(
For more info plz go to our member forum.

Bosses down in Firelands 6/7

Elanore123, Oct 17, 11 5:46 PM.
Yesterday we got Baleroc down and today we got Majordomo Staghelm down whoohoo \o/
It's only a matter of time before raggy bites the dust again.
We got some good xp about the raggy fight so hopefully we'll get him soon.
Great runs everyone, keep it up!
(Sorry keep forgetting to make screens...)

Bosses down in Firelands 4/7

Elanore123, Oct 3, 11 6:04 PM.
Today we got Alysrazor down and we got some pretty good shots at Baleroc.
Good job everyone and keep it up!

Raiders: Sindarela, Namuk, Jiraya, Teamore, Yserá, Munt, Coonan, Biolith, Krizzy (not on picture) and Elanore.


Sindarela, Sep 15, 11 8:20 AM.

2 bosses down after month´s of trying! Shannox and Beth´tilac went down, and it seemed so easy. Lets keep on going to get all the little runts down!

Dawn of Hope? Is that the guild that has 11/12 down?

Sarophis, May 9, 11 5:39 PM.
Fuck yeah it is! You could hear Cho'gall hitting the floor all over Azeroth!
For future raids we've decided to use more time trying out hc modes, and a bit more time on sundays raid on Tof4W (approx 19.45-21.00)
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